Office Tour

Click on the green shaded areas of the office to take a tour.

  • office-exam.jpg

    Office Tour

  • exam-room.jpg

    Exam Room

  • office-game-room.jpg video-game1.jpg

    Video Game Area

  • office-lab.jpg office-sterilization.jpg


  • office-studio.jpg

    Photo Studio

  • private-op.jpg private-op2.jpg

    Private Operatory

  • office-reception-front.jpg front-desk.png

    Reception Check-In Desk

  • ster-room1.jpg sterlization-room2.jpg

    Sterilization Area

  • office-brushing.jpg toothb-room.jpg

    Teeth Brushing Station

  • office-treatmentarea.jpg treatment-area2.png

    Treatment Area

  • office-reception-1.jpg office-reception-2.jpg

    Reception Area

  • office-xray.jpg

    Imaging Center