Damon System FAQs


With the Damon System, we don't just align the teeth; we create beautiful smiles. Your doctor takes into account a number of factors when creating your treatment plan. The Damon System is designed to deliver results for a lifetime.

How long does treatment take?

Treatment time with the Damon System has been shown to be much shorter (6-8 months) than with conventional braces. Typically, treatment takes between 10-20 months depending upon the severity of the problem.

Since the Damon System moves the teeth faster than other types of braces, does it mean that excessive forces are used and therefore, more discomfort?

Definitely no! In fact we see just the opposite effect. The reason the Damon System moves teeth faster is due to the use of lighter forces in a low friction bracket. The results are faster tooth movement with less discomfort to the patient.

Will my teeth hurt after adjustments?

While braces of any kind may cause slight discomfort, our patients will experience less discomfort with Damon System braces because of the system’s low force, low-friction brackets.

Aren't braces big and bulky?

Not any more! Braces are much smaller than they were just a few years ago, and new materials are now used that make them more discreet and comfortable. Damon braces have a particularly low profile, so you might forget you’re even wearing them!

It is true that adult treatment takes longer and is more difficult than adolescent patients?

We are finding the treatment times for adults to be very similar to our adolescent patients. It is very common for some of our adult patients to get done sooner than their children. Adults are not interested in the classic “2-2 ½ years in braces” but instead want a good functional occlusion, improved smile esthetics and treatment completed in a short period of time (about one year).

Is it difficult for adult patients to adjust to having braces?

Most adults adapt to our braces within a few days and are surprised at how easy it was to get the braces placed. Adults are very encouraged with the almost immediate positive changes witnessed in their smile esthetics. Adult patients are often some of our most satisfied patients. They appreciate the importance of a beautiful smile after living with an unfavorable smile for many years.

Does it cost more to have Damon braces?

No. The actual cost of the Damon bracket (Damon System) is more. However, that cost is offset by the fewer office visits, fewer wire changes and shorter treatment times. The overall result has been that our patients are getting done faster with a better appliance and often for a reduced cost. The Damon System has made braces even more affordable.